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  • China manufacturer Coupling with Spider in ISO9001 Certification (OEM)

    Product Description Coupling with Spider in ISO9001 Certification (OEM) Tyre CouplingHRC CouplingJaw CouplingFL-CouplingL-CouplingFLS-CouplingRM-CouplingEL-CouplingELS-CouplingGL-CouplingEP-CouplingEE-CouplingGF-CouplingGE-CouplingGEM-CouplingGEL-CouplingHTKL-CouplingGRL-CouplingGSL-CouplingGWL-Coupling Pack Detail:   Company Profile:   CHOOSE TAI 1. Tran-auto industries co. Ltd was established in 2005. With “Customer first, quality first”Service concept, we had become 1 of the main export chain and transmission equipments in China. TAI at present mainly produce […]

  • China supplier CHINAMFG Flexible Spider Jaw Shaft Gr/Ge/GS Coupling

    Product Description Product Description COUPLINGS HRC FCL Chain coupling GE L NM MH Torque limiter HRC 70B FCL90 KC4012 GE14 L050 NM50 MH45 TL250-2 HRC 70F FCL100 KC4014 GE19 L070 NM67 MH55 TL250-1 HRC 70H FCL112 KC4016 GE24 L075 NM82 MH65 TL350-2 HRC 90B FCL125 KC5014 GE28 L090 NM97 MH80 TL350-1 HRC 90F FCL140 KC5016 […]

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