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  Ever-Power Co., Ltd. is a professional metal products supplier integrating development, research, production, processing, and sales. The main products are timing belt wheels, taper sleeve embedded belt wheels, expansion coupling sleeves, sprockets, spiral umbrella racks, Bevel gears, gears, worms, worm gears, taper sleeves, torque limiters, automobile air-conditioning belt expanders, automobile air-conditioning compression pump brackets, diaphragm couplings, plum couplings, star couplings, various special specifications Industrial belts.The company combines years of industrial production and service experience, and works closely with relevant domestic manufacturers. Products are widely used in machinery, textiles, printing, woodworking, ceramics, food, electronics, logistics, steel and other production and service fields, and are exported to Vietnam, Singapore, Myanmar and other countries have won unanimous praise from customers.
  For many years, the company has been adhering to the concept of "producing high-quality products", leading the development of the same industry.Focusing on quality while focusing on serving customers, we always take customer needs as the guide. Whether it is conventional products or special products, and whether it is required for batches or single pieces, we can do what customers want; from product design to technical consultation, the company Can respond in time.
  Quality and service never stop!