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  • Planetary reducer principle and disassembly steps

    Transmission principle of planetary reducer The transmission structure of planetary reducer is the most efficient combination of gear reducers at present. The basic transmission structure of planetary reducer is as follows: A, sun gear sun gear B, planetary gear (combined with planet carrier) planetary gear C, internal gear ring internal gearringC, connecting gear using connected section`gearE, planetary carrier...

  • Gear reducer model and parameters

    Gear reducer model comparison table: Turning, milling, drilling, wire cutting, CNC tooling, industrial robots, non-standard automation, digital unmanned factory, precision measurement, 3D printing, laser cutting, sheet metal stamping and bending, precision parts processing, etc. Exhibition, right at the Shenzhen Machinery Exhibition. There are NMRV worm gear reducer, R series reducer, F series reducer, K series reducer, S series reducer, TKM double

  • Construction machinery gear parameters

    Engineering machinery gear refers to a mechanical element with gears on the rim that continuously meshes and transmits movement and power.The application of construction machinery gears in transmission has been presented very early. With the development of production, the smoothness of construction machinery gears

  • Structure drawing and installation of helical gear reducer

    Helical gear reducer is a novel reduction transmission device.Adopting the optimized and advanced design concept of modular combination system, it has the characteristics of small size, light weight, large transmission torque, stable starting, and fine transmission ratio classification. It can be connected at will and a variety of installation positions can be selected according to user requirements.

  • Standard modulus and calculation formula of cylindrical helical gear

    Cylindrical helical gears can be used for parallel transmission and cross-shaft transmission (helical gear mechanism). Its characteristics: large coincidence coefficient, stable transmission, high gear strength, suitable for heavy loads, compared with straight teeth: helical teeth have Axial force.XNUMX. Modulus of cylindrical helical gear The normal modulus of the helical gear is the standard modulus, which is selected according to the standard modulus value.The end face modulus of the helical gear is right with the normal face modulus and helix angle...

  • Synchronous wheel specifications and parameters

    Working principle The synchronous gear transmission is composed of an endless belt with equidistant teeth on the inner surface and a belt wheel with corresponding teeth. During operation, the belt teeth mesh with the tooth grooves of the belt wheel to transmit movement and power. It is A new type of belt drive that combines the advantages of belt drive and chain drive gear drive.Specifications and model parameters (2) RPP arc tooth synchronous belt wheel specifications and model: RPP3M synchronous belt wheel, RPPXNUMXM is the same...

  • The basic principle of diaphragm coupling and three points of installation

    One.Diaphragm coupling The diaphragm coupling consists of several groups of diaphragms (stainless steel thin plates) which are staggeredly connected with two halves of the coupling with bolts. Each group of diaphragms is made up of several pieces. The diaphragms are divided into connecting rods. And the whole piece of different shapes.The diaphragm coupling relies on the elastic deformation of the diaphragm to compensate for the relative displacement of the connected two shafts. It is a high-performance flexible coupling with metal strong elements. It does not need lubrication, has a compact structure and high strength, so...

  • How to disassemble the coupling

    The process of disassembly and assembly is the opposite, and the purpose of the two is different.The assembly process is to assemble the coupling according to the assembly requirements, so that the coupling can safely and reliably transmit torque.Disassembly is generally due to equipment failure or the coupling itself needs to be repaired, and the coupling is disassembled into parts.

  • The effect of loose connection bolts

    When using a coupling, if the coupling bolt is loose or slipped out, it will affect the normal operation of the mechanical equipment.Next, we introduce to you the effect of loose connecting bolts?The coupling causes the drive shaft and the driven shaft to rotate together, and torque is transmitted through the coupling.

  • Plum blossom coupling size and model

    The performance of the plum blossom coupling is the same as that of the ordinary plum blossom coupling. The brake wheels of the common plum blossom coupling can brake the two connected devices. The cross section of the plum petal is usually circular, so that it can Improve the uniformity of load distribution on the working surface, and can transmit larger torque, but the elasticity is slightly reduced.It can also be made into a rectangle or fan shape.The scope of application of plum-shaped couplings: plum-shaped couplings are mainly...

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