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What failures may occur when the coupling is in use?

2019-9-11 21: 25: 15 Views

 CouplingIn real life, it is increasingly used on precision machinery controlled by servo systems, such as machine tools and manufacturing machinery.Among various machines, unlike general manufacturing machines, the output is required to have a high degree of followability with respect to the input.

  CouplingIt is a mechanical element that connects the drive shaft and the driven shaft of the mechanical system, and is used to transmit power. It is used by almost all manufacturing machinery.Its basic function is to absorb the eccentricity, deflection angle and axial displacement error of the two shafts, and to transmit power smoothly.

  The possible accidents of the coupling are:

  1. The axis of the coupling is skewed, and the coupling can’t advance: In order to prevent such accidents, in addition to correcting the axis, the position of the coupling hole and the shaft, and the position of the striker, we must also pay attention , The location of the impact point should be selected, and the second hit should be light. After entering a certain distance (about 1/3), you can slam with force.If it is indeed skewed and cannot be calibrated, pull it out quickly after heating it again, and do not slam it in again.

  2. Other accidents may include: the impact block pulley moves backwards due to the unfastened position, the hoist chain slips down, the fuel is insufficient, the fire alarm, etc., all should be paid attention to in advance and carefully checked during the tool preparation and operation training phase.

  3. When precision parts such as bearings and mechanical seals have been installed on the main shaft in advance, it is forbidden to hit or hit the coupling forcefully to prevent damage or damage to the precision parts.