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What should be paid attention to when assembling spiral bevel gears?

2019-9-28 21: 08: 00 Views

If the spiral bevel gear is to be fully utilized in the production and manufacturing, the proper development of the assembly line is very important. When the assembly line is done well, the production can be carried out more strongly. Then what must be paid attention to when the spiral bevel gear assembly line is launched? 

1. When installing the spiral bevel gear of mechanical equipment, pay attention to the black spots on the tooth surfaces of its two transmission gears. It must be about 70%; in addition, people can adjust according to the thickness of the sealing gasket. There is a gap between the two transmission gears. This gap can not be too large or too small, otherwise it will all cause harm to people's applications. 

2. For the assembly line of spiral bevel gears, people must adjust the axes of the two shafts to the same plan view before starting the next assembly line.

 3. For the color inspection of the surface of the spiral bevel gear, people must pay attention to that the shaft cannot be moved in series during the entire rotation, and it is necessary to ensure that the surface is close to the short end of the transmission gear when there is no load.Therefore, the spiral bevel gear must pay attention to this key point when developing the assembly line to ensure the excellent characteristics of the spiral bevel gear.