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What are the raw materials for the transmission gear

2019-10-2 14: 43: 35 Views

Common steels used in the production and manufacture of transmission gears are quenched and tempered steel, heat-treated steel, carburized and quenched steel and high-frequency quenched steel.The compressive strength of steel castings is slightly lower than that of forged steel, which is common in transmission gears with large specifications; the physical properties of steel castings are weak and can be used in light-load open worm gear drives; malleable cast iron can partially replace steel production Manufacturing transmission gears; plastic gears are mostly used in areas with light load and low noise. The transmission gears between the two are usually steel transmission gears with good heat transfer.
  In the future, the transmission gear will follow the development trend of light load, high speed, high precision and high efficiency, and strive to be small in size, very light, long life and reliable in economic development.
  The basic theory of transmission gears and the development trend of manufacturing and processing technology will be to deepen scientific research on the principle of transmission gear damage. It is the basis for creating a reliable calculation method of compressive strength, which is to increase the bearing capacity of transmission gears and increase the service life of transmission gears. The basic theory is basic; the development trend of the new tooth profile represented by the arc tooth profile; the scientific research of new transmission gear raw materials and the new technology and new technology of manufacturing transmission gears; the scientific research on the ductility, deformation, production and manufacturing of transmission gears The installation deviation and the spread of temperature field, carry out the transmission gear modification to improve the unit root inspection of the transmission gear operation, and expand the total contact area of ​​the transmission gear when the load is full, thereby increasing the bearing capacity of the transmission gear.
  The basic theory of friction, lubrication and lubrication technology is the basic work in the scientific research of transmission gears. Scientific research on the basic theory of ductile hydrodynamics and dynamic pressure lubrication, marketing and promotion of the selection of synthetic lubricating oil and moderately adding extreme pressure to the oil Preservatives can not only increase the bearing capacity of the tooth surface, but also increase the high efficiency of the transmission system