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What is the way to disassemble and install the coupling?

2019-10-20 21: 41: 15 Views

  Coupling is a common component in gear transmission, and coupling often needs to be disassembled in the maintenance of machinery and equipment. If you do not grasp the disassembly method of the coupling well, it is very easy to cause damage or damage to the coupling. Everyone introduces some common ways of coupling disassembly and assembly in detail!

  CouplingIn the whole process of dismounting and assembling the coupling, the connecting anchor bolts are usually removed first, because the surface of the external thread is very easy to accumulate oil stains. For the anchor bolts with serious rust, the disassembly and assembly are very difficult. The disassembly and assembly of the connecting anchor bolts must be selected. Suitable special tools, because the outer hexagonal or outer hexagonal bearing surface of the anchor bolt has long been deviated and destroyed, it will be more difficult to disassemble and assemble.For anchor bolts that have long been rusted or with a lot of oil pollution, organic solvents (such as rust loosener) are often used to paint the joints between the anchor bolts and the nut, so that the organic solvent can penetrate into the external threads, which will be very easy. Disassembly and assembly.

   If it is not possible to disassemble and assemble the anchor bolts, the heating method can be used. The heating temperature is usually controlled below 200 ℃. It uses the characteristics of thermal expansion and contraction of raw materials to heat the tolerance parts so that the mating parts are in the standard temperature difference. Under the loss of clearance fit, disassembly and assembly can be realized.In addition, according to the heating, the gap between the nut and the anchor bolt is increased, and the rusty material is also very easy to fall down, making the disassembly and assembly of the anchor bolt easier and easier.

  If none of the above methods are good, the coupling manufacturer proposes to use the destruction method, which can only destroy the anchor bolts, cut or drill the anchor bolts, and replace them with new anchor bolts during the assembly line.The new anchor bolts must have the same specifications as the bolts used in the original application. The newly removed anchor bolts used for high-speed rotating machinery and equipment couplings must also be weighed so that the new anchor bolts are connected to the same set of flanges. The bolts have the same weight.

  In the whole process of coupling disassembly and assembly, the most difficult job is to remove the rim from the shaft.For the key-connected rim, a three-legged puller or a four-legged puller is usually used for disassembly and assembly.The puller used should match the size of the rim. The angled hooks of each puller's feet and the rear side of the rim should be suitable for fusion, so that it is not easy to cause dislocation when exerting force.This type of method is only used for disassembly and assembly of rims with a relatively small clearance fit. For rims with a relatively large clearance fit, the heating method is often used, or the hydraulic jack is also used for disassembly and assembly.