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Why is the tapered pulley more durable than the national standard pulley?

2019-10-28 21: 27: 51 Views

Cone-sleeve pulley is a transmission component widely used overseas and has very good applicability. At this stage, it is slowly beginning to be widely used in China. It replaces the traditional national standard pulley. Why is the cone-sleeve pulley more durable than the national standard pulley?

Cone sleeveCurrent status of national standard pulleys:
The traditional national standard pulleys have no standardized models and specifications. Many manufacturers choose the closest models and specifications according to their own molds to help customers carry out production and manufacturing. Generally, they are forged from gray iron production to facilitate installation during installation. The inseparable relationship between the shaft and the hole shaft is not easy to cause drag. The pulley is deliberately designed as a whole, and the flat key is used to maintain the transmission.
Because of that overall design scheme, the installation and disassembly of the national standard pulley often must rely on external forces. The habitual tapping is very easy to cause damage to the pulley, which leads to delays in working hours, maintenance of machinery and equipment, and installation costs. Promote.
Benefits of the use of tapered pulleys:
Because the technical processing technology of the tapered pulley is ahead of the national standard pulley, the transmission of the tapered pulley will be more accurate during the whole process of the middle and late operation, and it is not easy to run off during the whole process.Compared with the national standard pulley, the transmission of the cone sleeve pulley is more stable, the buffering capacity is stronger, and the noise during the whole operation is also less than that of the national standard pulley.
In addition, the tapered pulley has a very good tolerance fit. Generally, the internal thread and the chain groove of the pulley must be completely removed and replaced, which increases the maintenance cost.However, if the taper sleeve is selected, the taper sleeve of the same specification and model can be used again, which can save the cost of application maintenance.