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How to choose a coupling?Which coupling is better?

2019-11-15 20: 00: 02 Views

The choice of coupling must first determine the type of couplingType, and then various technical parameters, such as torque, inner diameter, speed, torsional stiffness, external size limits, etc.Choose a suitable coupling type.The following points can be considered when making specific choices :

①The size and nature of the torque to be transmitted, the requirements for buffering and damping functions, and whether resonance may occur, etc.

②Manufactured and installed byChoose a suitable coupling type.Matching error, shaft load

And thermal expansion and deformation and relative movement between components cause the relative displacement of the two axis axes.

③Allowable dimensions and installation methods are necessary for the convenience of assembly, adjustment and maintenance.For space.For large couplings, it should be possible to disassemble and assemble without the need for axial movement of the shaft.In addition, the working environment, service life andLubrication, sealing and economy, etc. Parts, and then refer to the characteristics of various couplings, select a suitable coupling type

 Which coupling is better?

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