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The correct way to maintain the coupling of transmission parts

2019-12-9 16: 31: 12 Views

      The length of the life of the coupling partly depends on the performance of the coupling during the production process and the material, and more partly depends on the maintenance and maintenance of the coupling during use. Usually reasonable and correct maintenance methods can be very good Extend the service life of the coupling.
      In order to be familiar with the maintenance and maintenance of the coupling, be sure to understand the operating precautions when using the coupling. The operation and maintenance of the coupling used in the rotating equipment are done, while avoiding danger and increasing the reliability of the operation. Sex.Check the coupling body for cracks.Check whether the coupling connection is tight and firm.Check whether the key connection of the coupling is loose and roll the key.Check whether there is radial circle runout and end face runout when the coupling rotates.Check whether the coupling lubrication is in good condition.Check the complete condition, wear condition of the coupling gear and the meshing condition of the internal and external gears.
      In order to ensure the safe and convenient use of the coupling product, it is necessary to fully support the tyre during the installation process to ensure that it does not slip and cause accidental damage.Before the coupling is installed, the end faces of the two shafts should be cleaned, and the key notches on the end faces should be checked. After the coupling is installed, all screws must be checked for normal operation. If found to be loose, they must be tightened. Repeat this for several shifts. To ensure that it will not loosen; in order to prevent the fretting and wear of the coupling at high speed, which may cause microcracking and damage to the coupling bolt hole, a solid lubricant such as molybdenum disulfide can be applied between the couplings or the surface of the coupling Carry out anti-friction coating treatment; the coupling should avoid long-term overload use and operation accidents; during the operation of the coupling, the coupling should be checked frequently for abnormalities, and if any abnormality occurs, it must be repaired; Appropriate safety precautions must be taken at various sites where human and equipment accidents may be caused by the coupling during operation.