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The effect of loose connection bolts

2019-12-11 17: 30: 55 Views

      When the coupling is used, if the coupling bolt is loose or slipped out, it will affect the normal operation of the mechanical equipment.Next, we introduce to you the effect of loose connecting bolts?The coupling causes the drive shaft and the driven shaft to rotate together, and torque is transmitted through the coupling.There are three ways to transmit torque.
      Both the bolt drive and friction drive of the coupling surface are the first two methods.In the transmission mode of the first two modes, the torque of each bolt should be uniform, so that the force transmitted by each bolt increases or decreases equally during the load change. The coupling has only two bolts.If the shear forces of the female bolts are equal, the coupling only has torque.
      If the shear forces of the two bolts are not equal, then in addition to the torque, there is also a force acting on the rotor.The F varies with the load of the unit, so the vibration of the unit also varies with the load.In addition to F, loose bolts can cause the two halves to change the position of the wheel, and the coupling will deflect.
      And it will produce a new additional unbalanced mass, resulting in additional unbalanced force, this unbalanced force is manifested as a vibration surge.The misalignment of the wheel will change with the change of the load. Therefore, the vibration of the unit will also increase with the change of the load. In the coupling industry, the coupling is often damaged prematurely due to loose fasteners. .