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PU timing belt

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PU timing belt adopts belt teeth to mesh with the tooth groove of the pulley to transmit motion and power. It is a meshing transmission, so it has various advantages of gear transmission, chain transmission and flat belt transmission.High wear resistance, to ensure that it still maintains good athletic ability in transmission.The tolerance is small.

SUNMGA timing belt can also be used for adding PU, adding rubber (black rubber, white rubber, green rubber, red rubber), adding high temperature resistant rubber, heightening wear-resistant rubber, various PVC conveyor belts, sponges (ordinary sponge, hardness sponge , Sponge with cloth), timing belt positive and negative adding cloth, punching, milling and other deep processing.

(PU) Timing belt: Polyurethane timing belt is made of thermoplasticPolyurethane materialIt is manufactured with high abrasion resistance, and various types of steel wire cores ensure that it still maintains good movement ability in transmission, and the production tolerance is small.The open PU timing belt has reliable transmission and dimensional stability.In the production process, a layer of nylon is added to the tooth surface and the back of the tooth to ensure that the operation characteristics in special applications remain unchanged, and a layer of polyurethane can be thickened on the back of the belt to prevent corrosion or high load

Physical characteristics:
·Abrasion resistant and durable;
·Good stability, high transmission accuracy with straight line and angular deviation;
·Low elongation;
·low noise;
·High transmission efficiency, suitable for use under high load and high frequency;
Chemical characteristics:
·It is not easy to be hydrolyzed and oil resistant;
·Not affected by ozone;
·Ultraviolet resistant, not easy to age;
·Strong acid and alkali resistance;
·Working temperature -30℃-110℃

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