Fine grinding rack

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product manual
The precision of the rack is the highest DIN5. The tooth surface is finely ground by the most advanced international CNC gear grinding machine. All the surfaces of the rack are ground. The modulus is M1-M20. The tooth top is trimmed, which is more suitable for high speed. run.
The rack parameters are introduced as follows:
Accuracy class: DIN 3962 (DIN 867) — L5e24
Adjacent tooth pitch error fp≤0.003mm; cumulative error Fp≤0.035mm/m
Optional material for rack: 45; 42CrMo; 20CrMnMo
Tooth surface hardness corresponding to different materials: 45 steel-HRC45 (intermediate frequency table quenching)
42CrMo-HRC50 (intermediate frequency table quenching)
20CrMnMo-HRC58-60 (carburizing and quenching)


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