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Ejection technology has been widely used in vacuum system,the operating principle of an ejector is to convert pressure energy of the motive medium into velocity across a converging and diverging nozzle,the high velocity motivemedium entrains and mixes with the suction load and fulfil the operation function.With the simplify construction,reliable operation,low cost and high efficacy,ejection technology has been widely used for petrol chemical industry,light and textile industry,metallurgy and material industry,food and pharmacy industrial etc.

HVEC has contributed in developing of the ejection products for decades,the ejection products has been applied in hundreds of enterprises and the operation performance reached the world first class level.Tt is the well operative and get the positive reputation from the client.

Steam jet liquid pumps are steam driven venturi jet devices that use the motive steam create a vacuum that can entrain and transfer liuid.The steam jet liquid pumps are widely used to sewage water lifting or discharging,catch pit discharging,chemical compound lifting,heating and blending.

Steam jet liquid pump have no moving parts,no seal,no shaft,no packing,no maintenance compared with mechanical vacuum pumps.Their rugged construction and simplicity of designs enable their reliable,maintenance-free use with caustics,high temperature and explosive hazard area.As the steam temperature is too high steam jet liquid pumps also can be as the steam temperature reducer.

Steam jet liquid pumps classify on applied purposes as following:
Steam jet pump: used for liquid lifting,conveying and discharging;
Steam temperature reducer: used for over heated steam temperature reducing;
Steam jet heater: used for liquid heating and mixing.

Liquid jet vacuum pump are devices that used motive water or other liquid to entrain,mix and pump other liquid,slurries, or dry solids.Liquid jet pump consist of 2 basic parts,the motive nozzle,which converts the pressure energy to velocity energy,and the suction chamber/diffuser section where the entrainment and mixing take place.

Liquid jet pump classify on applied purposes as following:
Water jet liquid pump: used to convey mixing liquid;
Liquid jet mixer:used to dilute,mix,or blend another liquid,slurries or dry solid.

Liquid jet air(steam)pumps are devices that use motive liquid to create a vacuum that can condense the steam,entrain the air(gas),mix or stir liquid and vacuum generation.

Liquid jet air(gas)pumps classify on applied purposes mainly as following:
Water jet vacuum pump
Water jet condenser
Water jet air pump
Desulfur water ejector

Air jet ejectors are air or gas-driven venturi jet device that use the energy in compressed air or other gas to create a vacuum that can entrain or mix another gas steam,lift liquid.Air jet ejectors are widely used for evacuating,venting, aeration,exhausting,blowing,circulation and sampling vapour;and vacuum generation.

Air jet ejectors classify on applied purposes as following: Air jet vacuum pump: installed before liquid ring pump,motive air in normal pressure and create 0.5-4kPa suction vacuum.
Air jet suction: for conveying gaseous;driven by compressed air and pressure less Than 50kPa.
Air jet liquid pump: for lifting;driven by compressed air and lifting height less than 5 Meters.

Steam jet compressor(steam flash reclamation unit)is a energy saving devices or call as heat pump that use the high temperature and pressure motive steam create a heavy vacuum lower then the flash-zone pressure of the liquid,and flash vaporize second steam from the liquid with some temperature,entrain and blend and compressed it as the medium pressure steam for recycling.

In light industry,chemical and fertilize industry,such as Sugar Refinery,Saltworks,Alkaline Plant,Ethanol plant, Monosodium Glutamate Factory,Lysing Plant,Phosphorite Fertilizer Factory.For the multi effective vaporization process,for instance,applied for atmosphere condenser or water jet vacuum pump vaporize the steam and waste the steam and result in consumption rising.With application the steam jet compressor for the above process,the flash steam can be catched and be be used to this stage or the next stage for lower the steam consumption.Furthermore,this unit also can be equipped in the steam turbine for catch the heat energy from the exhaust.Steam jet compressor unit consists of 1 stage ejector(or 2 stage ejectors)and control system.The control system can be selected as the manual or automatic control.