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  • What are the advantages of bevel gears in machinery?

    Bevel gears are a kind of gears that are frequently used in machinery. Bevel gears are a kind of more practical gear components. Many times, tasks that are difficult to complete with ordinary gears require this type of bevel gear to complete. The structure of this gear lies in Its shape is of the truncated cone type, with a small upper circle and a large lower circle, and the edge adopts a sawtooth shape, thus forming a so-called bevel gear.

  • What are the reasons for the failure of the coupling?

    Couplings are widely used in the shaft transmission of various mechanical devices. Sometimes there are some problems in the process of using it. Do you know what are the reasons for the failure of the coupling? Follow the coupling below Let me know: 1. When using the coupling, the equipment in the shafting system such as diesel engine, gearbox, shafting and high-elasticity coupling are in...

  • What failures may occur when the coupling is in use?

    Couplings are increasingly used in precision machinery controlled by servo systems in machine tools and manufacturing machinery in real life.Among various machines, unlike general manufacturing machines, their output is required to have a high degree of followability with respect to the input.Coupling is a mechanical element that connects the drive shaft and the driven shaft of the mechanical system, and is used to transmit power. Almost...

  • How to choose the coupling on the reducer?

    The normal operation of the reducer is inseparable from the function of the coupling, so do you know how to choose the coupling of the reducer? What factors should we consider? Then follow the editor to understand: 1. According to the transferred load The size of the shaft and the speed of the shaft speed, due to manufacturing, installation, load deformation and temperature changes, etc., it is difficult to keep the two shafts tight after installation and adjustment...

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