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How to make the coupling give full play to a stronger practical effect?

2019-10-5 20: 24: 05 Views

The application and selection of couplings are all clarified by the support. The support is different, and the model specifications are different. Usually the application efficiency of the coupling is enhanced, the structural mechanics solid model is created, and the effects of various forces and torques are analyzed. , And then exceed the supporting force of critical ground stress.Today’s web editor will tell everyone how to make the coupling fully play a stronger role:
  In order to create a semiCouplingPhysical model of structural mechanics, special hypothesis
  (1) The serpentine spring still touches the teeth adjacently after being deformed, and each tooth supports the same.
  (2) The cross-sectional specification of the snake spring is much smaller than the semi-warp of the cylinder to which it belongs, so the calculation is similar to a plane drawing problem.
  The purpose of choosing the snake spring coupling in the mechanical structure depends on making it bear various errors in operation. Therefore, the semi-coupling should suffer from the following types of forces and torques during the entire operation.
  (1) Under the effect of torque, the effect of snake spring is halfCouplingThe extruding in-situ stress;
  (2) Since it is a high-speed snake spring coupling, the half coupling will cause a large centripetal force;
  (3) Under the effect of torque, the shear stress of the serpentine spring effect at the gear teeth of the semi-coupling;
  (4) Axial and tangential forces during rotation;
  (5) The bending distance when the angle is offset.
  In the whole process of operation, the ground stress caused by the first three forces belongs to the static data force level, and the ground stress caused by the last two forces belongs to the dynamic force level. In the process, it was discovered that the key ground stresses concentrated on the semi-coupling were caused by the centripetal force, the extrusion pressure and the shear stress at the gear teeth. Therefore, the key to analyze these forces in the following analysis.
  The model is simplified into a combination of a spur gear and a serpentine spring. When the force analysis is carried out, the side of the gear half of the coupling will be subjected to extrusion forming ground stress under the effect of the torque, and the gear teeth will be Subject to shear stress.