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What are the common classifications of couplings?

2019-10-29 22: 13: 24 Views

Couplings are commonly used in mechanical equipment, but many people are not very familiar with the types of couplings. Let's follow the web editor to learn about it:
  XNUMX. Rigid coupling
  The keys are: flange coupling, axial key flange coupling, sleeve coupling, clamp coupling, parallel surface shaft coupling, slider coupling, cross slider coupling, Steel ball coupling.

  XNUMX. Flexible coupling without elastic elements
  The key is: gear coupling, chain coupling, universal coupling, curved roller bearing coupling.

  XNUMX. Flexible coupling of non-metallic material elastic element
  The key is: malleable pin coupling, malleable pin coupling, malleable pin gear coupling, axial malleable pin coupling, malleable block coupling, H-type extension Flexible block coupling, sector block flexible coupling, saddle block flexible coupling, malleable live pin coupling, malleable plate coupling, crawler coupling, concave shape ring coupling Couplings, polygonal elastic couplings, claw-type elastic couplings, core-type elastic couplings, red plum-shaped elastic couplings, ductile ring couplings, vulcanized rubber sleeve couplings.

  Four, flexible coupling of metal material elastic element
  The keys are: diaphragm coupling, diaphragm coupling, annular elastic yellow coupling, reed coupling, flexible rod coupling, compression spring coupling, coil spring coupling, bellows coupling Shafts, ductile tube couplings, plastic film couplings, wave plate reed couplings.

  Five, form a flexible coupling
  The key is: pulse damper vulcanized rubber elastic coupling, pulse damper drum gear coupling, forming gear coupling, forming chain coupling, forming slider coupling, forming universal coupling.

      Six, safety coupling
  The key is: steel ball steel forged safety coupling, gold steel sand safety coupling, magnetic powder safety coupling, annular elastic yellow safety coupling, hydraulic safety coupling, Friction type safety coupling, split pin type safety coupling, permanent magnet type safety coupling.